Reader photos

Chet Cramer of St. Augustine, Florida, sent in pictures of his Bonnie Bell peppers in red orange and green, the first of more peppers he’s planning to grow in July. Chet said he keeps his peppers on the east side of his home to protect them from the afternoon heat. (They fruited by early August, right)

Candace Cox of York, Penn. has grown a “tomato jungle” with a variety of both hybrids, like Regal Roma and Sweet 100, and heirloom tomatoes, including black cherry. Amazingly,this is her first attempt at container gardening! She also has spaghetti squash, sugar peas, cucumbers, bell peppers, and watermelon.

Have pictures you want to submit? Email them to and be sure to include your name, city and where and what you are growing.

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