St. Augustine’s in ferment – Don’t be intimidated by making probiotic pickles

Fermenting is trending now because it's fun to make your own pickles and brews, and because fermented foods help your overall health. They contain helpful microbes that act like Young Life in your gut, holding the line on negative outside influences.

Weekly Wednesday Recipe: Sweet Potato, your greens are fantastic

All those leaves spilling into and over the garden, smothering weeds with their fragile strength, are actually edible. No, not only edible. They’re really tasty – less bitter than chard or kale and with 3 times more vitamin B6, 5 times more vitamin C, and almost 10 times more riboflavin than the actual sweet potatoes themselves, according to Prevention Magazine.

NEWS: Show me your gardening success!

So, you think you can grow it better?

Do you? Huh?

Well, I bet you're right.

If you have a veggie you've beaten the odds to grow - or grown a variety I've slain single-handedly - please email me your photos and I'll write a post about you and your gardening success!

We’re in the global registry gardens are now registered as a Global Food Chain Urban Farm Garden. That means we are growing our food locally to feed our family, share with neighbors and pass on to our community. We're the first in our area. Check out UrbanFarming.Org for a map and more.

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