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veggie wash soap (2)

All natural local veggie wash soap with FREE SHIPPING

Wash all your produce in our all-natural veggie wash soap. All the ingredients are natural and mild and it kills bugs and parasites with a teaspoon of food-grade cinnamon oil in each bar.

Caress the bar between your hands under running water, lather it up and use the lather to clean your produce.

using-veggie-wash-soap2 (3)

Local heirloom herbs – harvested same day as delivery

We also offer fresh, local pesticide free Thai Basil, Flat Leave Parsley, Rosemary, Italian Oregano and spring onion tops for $4 a bunch. Perfect for making a bouquet garni (New York Times video and recipe here)

We snip it the same day and will drive it within St. Johns County for a $5 delivery fee (3 bunch minimum).


Herb bunch – Local, pesticide-free Lemongrass from our decade-old plant.

Organic heirloom seedlings

grown on demand, delivered locally

All of our seedlings are organic, grown from heirloom seeds and approved for the Saint Johns County area. We start them as soon as you order them and they will be ready for hardening off in two-four weeks depending on the variety.

Four-inch pots, with at least three seedlings per pot.

Delivery fee is $5, with 3 -pot minimum purchase. DELIVERY IN THE COUNTY ONLY

Heirloom Tomato seedlings

Native pumpkin seedlings

See this post for detailed information about how we grew these in our garden.

Heirloom Pepper Seedlings


Green Zebra Tomato

Sweet Basil

Fernleaf dill

Burgundy okra

Clemson spineless okra

Blue goose cowpeas

Zipper cream cowpeas

Perpetual spinach

Red Russian Kale

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