About this site

Our site is dedicated to helping people grow organic, non-GMO and region-specific edibles, with a focus on natives and heirlooms with high nutrient values and histories that stretch back hundreds of years.

Our mission is to help readers see eating as a practice in imagination as much as it is a practice in health. I want you, the reader, to come away feeling connected to your food’s healthfulness and history and the gratifying process of producing and/or selecting it. We also try to remove any barriers to growing and eating nutritious food by writing articles that focus on free or low-cost ways to create your own garden.

We pratice what we preach. Our gardens produce organic food with rich histories that stretch back hundreds or thousands of years and that naturally thrive in our area without the use of chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizer. They are now nationally registered as an Official Urban Farming Garden.

They’re the first in the North Florida area.

About me


Hi – I’m Jennifer Edwards, a hometown St. Augustine girl and award-winning journalist, travel guide author and educator. I combine a deep-rooted (pun intended!) love of growing things with a lifelong passion for writing, researching and educating.

For two decades, my articles have appeared in the largest papers across the country, including the international version of the New York Times; the Dallas Morning News; Palm Beach Post; Fort Worth Star Telegram; Orange County Register; Atlanta Journal-Constitution and dozens of other smaller papers.

My work has also appeared in many local print news outlets, including the Florida Times-Union; Folio Weekly; St. Augustine Record; Daytona Beach News-Journal; Jacksonville Magazine; Jacksonville Design Magazine; Old City Life Magazine; My Coast Magazine and others.

Seven of my travel guides for the Random House imprint Fodor’s have been published nationally and are carried in bookstores across the country.

I hold several first place and second place Associated Press awards for writing and editing and contributed to a Fodor’s project that took third place nationally for travel writing.

I continue to write about new food discoveries and topics and continue to grow my personal knowledge of heirlooms, organics and natives with the help of my daughters, Autumn and Chloe, and our critter-controlling pets Sunday and Pandora and a host of native wildlife.

If you have questions, suggestions for articles or thoughts for our family, contact us at northeastfloridagardening@gmail.com.

Autumn and Chloe at beach

Pandora in grass


Autumn, left, 3-and-a-half, and Chloe, right, 1-and-a-half years old, among the pots on our back patio. That's where we do our winter container gardening.
Autumn, left, then 3-and-a-half, and Chloe, right, 1-and-a-half years old,  among the pots on the back patio where our ever-growing gardening projects began.

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