No waste kitchen gardening: 11 ways to feel virtuous and eat well

Most people want to feel like their being careful with their money and with the planet. Here’s a quick list of ways to help you achieve both goals.

  1. Use your plastic grocery bags one of a million ways. You can use them to tie under your plants so they won’t leak; as free kitchen trash can liners; to hold your gardening supplies; to protect your table while you make art projects; to protect electronics from water on a walk; and a million other ways. Just bring them to the recycling bins at the store when you’re done.
  2. Better yet, get paper grocery bags and then compost them when you’re done.
  3. Don’t throw your kitchen scraps away. Save all the veggie heads, ends and peels and use them to make a savory broth. Skim them out when they’re done and bury them in the garden to enrich the soil.
  4. Save those seeds! If you’re growing heirlooms and they’ve been isolated from other varieties of the same vegetable, they will grow into the same plants next season if saved right.
  5. Plant banana peels around flowers and veggies to repel garden pests and enrich the soil.
  6. Reuse bread ties, old string and broken shoelaces when you stake your fruits or vegetables.
  7. Save jars and lids to ferment in after they are santized.
  8. Trade cuttings with your neighbors. Perennial herb plants are a great and inexpensive choice when done right.
  9. Grow food from your scraps. Find out how here.
  10. Visit a horse farm for manure instead of buying expensive chemical fertilizers.
  11. Make your own all-natural, biodegradable soap to wash veggies with, or use ours. For more tips, check out our articles here.

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