VIDEO: St. Augustine veggies growing in mid-June

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Click Heirloom sweet potatoes, tomatoes and okra in our Northeast Florida garden in mid-June to check out our YouTube video showing how some of our heirloom tomatoes, okra and sweet potatoes are doing mid-June. Here are some of the varieties shown in the video:

Yellow pear tomato (heirloom from seedling):3137i_Tomato-Cherry-R-Y-Pear-ORG

Purple Cherokee tomato (heirloom from seed):


Celebrity (hybrid from seedling):

This is a hybrid plant I bought as a start from Home Depot on U.S. 1 South from the grower Bonnie Plants. While nearly all the plants I grow are heirloom, I planted this hybrid. According to the University of Florida, it is one of the gold standards for tomatoes in Florida. I wanted to compare its looks, growth habits, production and taste to those qualities in the heirlooms.

Here are the two varieties of heirloom okra:

Burgundy (heirloom from seed):

Burgundy Okra
This Burgundy Okra plant, shown in St. Augustine July 1, 2019, will look tropical once it’s fully grown. Buy some seedlings for your gardenhere.

Clemson Spineless (heirloom from seed):

This okra is also a gold standard for Florida but is still an heirloom.

Clemson spineless July 1
Clemson Spineless, shown in St. Augustine July 1, 2019, is both the gold standard okra for Northeast Florida gardeners AND an heirloom. To have us grow some seedlings for your garden, click here.

I also show sweet potatoes I grew from the eyes of grocery store organic potatoes. For specifics on how I grew them (saving a lot of money in the process) go to my post on growing food from grocery store scraps in St. Augustine.
The sweet potato varieties in the video are:

Stokes Purple



And “All Purple” Japanese variety

Note: I bought the half a dozen slips from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange in May. The variety seems to be named “All Purple,” so that’s a proper name as well as a description. I planted them in mid-May and they’re shown on the video about a month later.  We’ll see how they keep doing!


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