Told: The wisdom of 3-year-olds!

Chloe with poppy

The other day, my father was over. My father was raised in the South, is deeply Southern, and very intelligent. He also loves poking fun at people. What people? Oh, say, my husband from the extreme Northwest. (No, not Alaska; Seattle). Chloe Edwards is shown in 2012 in St. Augustine, Fla.

Dad (tongue-in-cheek): I always wanted to try squirrels in stew. I hear they can be pretty tender.

Clayton (turning a little green, but ever polite): Oh?

Dad: Yes. I have heard lots of recipes. The one I really want to try is squirrel in stew.

Clayton: I like my squirrels best alive and in trees.

Dad and Jenn: Hahahaha. ( :

I have to say, as a former vegetarian-turned-flexitarian, I love it when people empathize with animals.

That said, I was unprepared for the gardening conversation with my daughter Autumn, 3 1/2, today.

I pulled up one of the first “carnival” carrots. It was a beautiful, deep purple, young enough to be tender and sweet.

Autumn and Chloe were amazed and Autumn asked to hold it.

She held it for half an hour, then I asked for it back.

Autumn: “NO! NO, MOM, NO!”

Mom (me): “Why not? I have to put it in the fridge so it will stay fresh and crispy.”

Autumn: (Freaking out worse): “NO! NO! NO!”

Mom: “Why not?”

Autumn: “THIS carrot is for keeping warm and safe, not for eating. I’m keeping it.”

I love my tender-hearted family.

That says: What’s going to happen when ALL the carrots come in? We only have three beds and a couch …..

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