A taste of what’s in our garden

bowl of cherry peppers 2013-06-23We began growing our seedlings and collecting our fruit trees in early April.

It’s now late April and we have the following plants going in containers. We’ll update you on their progress and talk about the successes and setbacks we encounter with each one.

Sunflowers: Fedco sunflower sampler

Tomatoes (Celebrity hybrid; heirloom brandywine; organic beefsteak; grape.

Cucumbers: American pickling

Salad greens: Fedco Mesclun mix (Kind of redundant since “mesclun” is French for “mix” but OK)

Beans: Renee’s organic Edamame (soy); heirloom rattlesnake and purple pole beans

Okra: Clemson spineless

Carrots: Tendersweet

Peppers: Jalapeno seedlings; Bonnie Ancho/Poblano; Bonnie Green Bell; Jalapeno plants

Herbs: Greek oregano (established); Genovese/Sweet Basil (established); Chives (established); Fernleaf Dill (seedlings)

Citrus: Meiwa Kumquat (3 feet, fruiting); Nagami Kumquat (pruned back and regrowing); Meyer Lemon (3 feet, beginning to fruit); Ponderosa lemon (established, blossoming); one unidentified and prolific lemon tree.

Fruit trees: Florida Prince, 7 feet tall, pruned back.

Vines: Two-year-old Southern Spanish wine grape. (Pruned back and showing no signs of life)

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